In the Mist

In the Mist is my latest project. The reunion of all the musicians i regularly play with in paris or abroad. Of course we couldn't record tracks with all the lads and lassies i enjoy playing with so be aware that there will be more to come! As i couldn't gather on just one album all my musical mates, i decided to focus on fiddle players for that one, and bouzouki/guitar.

But still, that wasn't enough and a few fiddle players here and there were relieved of that far!

The sets are put together with tunes i've learned from a single musician each time, as it as always been easier for me to remember tunes by thinking about who i've had them from. Then again, by thinking about a particular musician i admire, i imagined who among my friends would best suit that musician's style. So i ended up with a few tracks with tunes and musician to play along with me.

Here are a few pictures of the album, and you can listen to it on the CD page (click on "CD" on the menu above).


It has really been a wonderful experience so i wish to deeply thank again Camille, Sophie, Anaïs, Manu fiddle, Manu bouzouki, Antoine, Martin and Andy for their patience.

Contact me for further detailed information on that album!