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1. Sean Sa Cheo - Master Seamus (reels)
2. Gan Ainm - The Cliffs of Moher - Gan Ainm (jigs)
3. Tuamgraney Castle - The North Shore (hornpipes)
4. The Pigeon on the Gate - Bonnie Kate (reels)
5. The Boogie - The Rainy Day - Gan Ainm (reels)
6. The Lancers - Jocelyn's (jigs)
7. Sergeant Early's Dream - The Hill Road (reels)
8. Port an Deorai - I Hae a Wife of my Ain (slip-jigs)
9. The Brown Coffin - The Bellharbour (hornpipes)
10. Gan Ainm - Farewell to London - Gan Ainm (reels)
11. The Wounded Hussar (slow air)
12. The Killavil Jig - The Humours of Kesh (jigs)

musicians are :
sophie bardou (fiddle)
anaïs carvajal (fiddle)
martin chandonnet (fiddle)
manu delahaye (bouzouki)
manu delpech (fiddle)
antoine leclerc (guitar)
jean-paul moreau (accordion, melodion)
andy wendler (guitar)

recorded at birlmusic studios paris, except andy's guitars recorded by fred machemehl

produced by birlmusic 2011